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  • Common Name: hydrilla
  • Scientific Name: Hydrilla verticillata
  • Organism Type: Freshwater Aquatic Plant
  • Family: Hydrocharitaceae (the Frog's Bit family)
Background: Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) is a freshwater aquatic plant native to Asia. It was first discovered in the USA in the 1960s, but still has only a limited range in the Northeastern USA and of 2007, has not yet been recorded in the wild in Canada. Below are links to information about Hydrilla that will be useful to those within the NEANS Panel region concerned with the invasion or potential for invasion of this species.
Geographic Range:
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Key: Red=introduced, Blue=native, Pink=cryptogenic, Turquoise=Historical record;
pin with dot= single occurrence, push pin= 20+ records, flame pin= 500+ records

Known Introductions in the Northeast: As of 2007, hydrilla has been recorded in the states of Connecticut (several sites), Maine (1 site), and Massachusetts (1 site).
Impacts: Ecological and Economic Impacts of Hydrilla
Case Studies: Maine, Indiana, Florida, and California
Additional Information:
If you see this species, contact: info@northeastans.org
Connecticut •  Maine  •  Massachusetts  •  New Brunswick  •  New Hampshire  •  New York  •  Nova Scotia  •  Quebec  •  Rhode Island  •  Vermont